Types of Trash Compactors

Trash Compactors little by little are considered very needed in today’s fast paced world. For many institutions, business centers, companies, houses and other complexes this must have appliance helps a lot for reducing the amount of waste and above all, proves to be the best way for waste management and recycling.

There are different kinds of trash compactors from different brands with different additional benefits and here you can find the types and of course get the answer of your question:

Which Trash Compactor is Right for You?

The various kinds of appliances ranging from regular sizes to custom trash compactors provide the compactor solutions we and our environment need a lot. However, it is great to know what type best fits you more and know what kind of benefits you are looking for in this appliance.

Also, keep in mind that our experienced team at Appliance Repair North Hollywood CA will immediately direct you what to choose, how to keep and ensure its safety. We are working 24/7, have a same day quick and guaranteed service and will give directions, help with repairing and replacement parts for your own management needs.

Now to get you started, here are the several types to become familiar with:

Stationary Trash Compactor

Flood Brothers Stationary Compactor



  • Typically used in industrial institutions.
  • Generate large volumes of waste.
  • When the appliance is full, the receiver box is emptied.





Vertical Trash Compactor

Flood Brothers Vertical Compactor



  • Packs waste down in a removing container.
  • Liquids are kept in the appliance until removed.
  • Several containers can be kept.






Self-Contained Trash Compactor

Flood Brothers Self Contained Compactor

  • Designed to handle large volume liquid applications.
  • Compactor and container are one whole unit.


Apartment Trash Compactor

Flood Brothers Apartment Compactor


  • Designed for use in residential buildings.
  • Controlled by electric photo eye.
  • 2 cubic yards in size.
  • Multiple containers can be kept and discharged when full.


Awareness is very crucial when choosing a home appliance, check out this overview and contac747 248 4544  at Appliance Repair North Hollywood, CA and our experts will be the reliable appliance service you have been searching for!

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